The Crew

The skipper of Stella Blue.    Baxter is always looking for new ways to explore and is great at keeping a steady and safe course.  Having experience at most sports including skiing, high altitude mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, long distance triathlons, marathons, road biking, sky diving, BASE jumping, and mountain biking,  he is ready to explore the world beyond land.


The "real" Boss.    Molly shows up with a smile and is ready to get the job done whether its designing a creative menu for dinner and breakfast or trimming the sails.  Her love of new challenges is usually met head on and comes with great reward, not from the results but the experience and confidence of the journey.  Baxter and Kala give her the courage to take on new tasks and she can't wait to see what is waiting for her beyond the horizon.  

The Mascot.  As a rescued puppy, Kala brings love and affection to Stella Blue.  Her sweet personality softens the hardship of any tough day and keeps everything in perspective for the family.  She doesn't require much, just some rubs and kisses, a little food now and then, and of course treats.  Her goals include learning to potty on the boat and maybe keeping overnight watch (Molly hasn't agreed to this quite yet.)