Monday, July 18, 2011


Whether it is on the boat, at a house on dry land, or in a camper van somewhere, there is always maintenance to be done.  Without it, the house - the boat - your health won't be ready to go when you are.

So, since we have been back in SLC we have been varnishing the teak from our boat as well as doing house work so that when we are ready to go, everything is in place.  It's not glamorous but it keeps us moving forward.

It is also very hot in Utah (I hesitate to say that when it's not even August yet, but...I'm just sayin').  Kala is a black dog (hence her name) so we bought her very own pool so she can cool off anytime she'd like.  While we're on the boat - she'll be able to jump in and cool off, so this is her "SLC ocean" for the time being.  She loves it!  Splashes around, sticks her nose under and blows bubbles, and plays dunk the tennis ball all by herself.  It is instant entertainment - good for her border collie side.

Our plans for the summer are up in the air.  Maybe Sturgis, maybe Yellowstone, maybe rock climbing, music festivals, farmer markets, etc... Definitely some boat prep, trip planning for the fall, canyon rides on the motorcycle, and definitely some good outdoor workouts.

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