Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No Name

Saturday morning we left Lake Sylvia with moderate conditions offshore.  It would only be 26 miles down to Key Biscayne and No Name Harbor anchorage once we got out the Port Everglades inlet.  The conditions going out were a washing machine and things got knocked around the boat and we weren’t sure our stomachs would hold out, but we knew that it would only be 4 or 5 hours and it would be over.  We arrived to calmer conditions in Biscayne Bay and not too many boats anchored out.  No Name Harbor is part of Bill Baggs State Park on Cape Florida.  It was comparable to a civilized Cumberland Island with a lot more people and lots of blaring music and flashy boats.  Since the anchorage was outside the harbor, we didn’t mind too much.  We let Kala run and play and then went back to our peace and quiet on the boat.  That night, the Miami boat parade came along right next to our boat and you could see boats decorated with christmas lights for miles.  It was nice to enjoy the festivities right from the middle of Stella Blue’s cockpit.
SE 17th Street Bridge, Ft Lauderdale, 55 ft draw bridge

Container ship with Miami skyline in the background

No Name Harbor anchorage

Working up the nerve to jump in for the first time this winter

Baxter inside the engine compartment tracing a leak from one of the return valves.

Bill Baggs State Park 

Cape Florida Lighthouse - lastest rebuild 1825

Cape Florida at sunrise as we were leaving (lighthouse peaking through the trees)

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