Friday, January 6, 2012


Winds picked up in Marathon – ahead of a cold front that moved through the southeast.  Temperatures here were as low as 48 degrees – then again, I think that’s what they were in Salt Lake City too.  So, we unpacked the warm clothes wore them for a day or two and then went back to flip flops and shorts.  Whew!  I didn’t know if we could still survive below 70 degrees.

Verne saw the cold and b-lined it back to Hawaii.  Not really – he was always scheduled to leave on Jan 5.  We had hoped to have a Bahama crossing before then, but we just couldn’t shake that north wind.  We made the best of it and had a great time while he was here.  We made a trip out to Sombrero Beach where Verne swam in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and Kala was able to dig to China.  Kala was so used to Verne being on the boat, it took her a minute to say goodbye as his taxi pulled away.
Mobile office in Marathon, Boot Key Harbor Marina

Family Dinghy Photo!

Verne enjoying the mooring

Enroute to the beach in the dinghy

Happy Times!

Hello? Is there anyone in there?

I'm gonna get you, China!

Just stay calm sir, I'll have you back to shore in no time!

Mas cafe por favor

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