Saturday, June 9, 2012

ad·just·ment noun \ə-ˈjəs(t)-mənt\: a correction or modification to reflect actual conditions.

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After spending the winter on our boat in the Bahamas and South Florida, we found ourselves back in Utah on the best powder day of the year.  The contrast between the two lifestyles couldn’t be more different and we love every minute of each of them.  However, it does take a minute to adjust to being back in the mountains and living in a house.  For example, our refrigerator can now hold enough food for months AND keep it cold.  What will I ever put in there?  Or…Kala can stand up and walk out the doggy door to go outside and enjoy fresh green grass – no more waiting for the dinghy to take her to shore. 

We did adjust, quickly.  We started hiking more in the mountains and I even entered a local 5K just to shake the dust off my land legs.  I set a new PR (personal record) and took first place in my age group – pretty good considering I hadn’t run a step in at least six months.

With our Tartan 37, Stella Blue, now “on the hard” (out of the water) for hurricane season, it would probably be a good idea for me to get a job and ramp up next season’s cruising kitty.  So I am writing this blog from the four walls, well three actually, of a cubicle.  Sometimes the mountain life means putting your head down and working hard so you can find your way back to adventure – whether it’s just the weekends or a long term plan of getting away for a couple years.  The memories are fresh in my head and motivate me to get back there.  


Back in the Wasatch

Throughout the winter, my wife and I traveled along the east coast of the U.S. in our Tartan 37 sailboat.  We made our way from North Carolina down to Key West, back to Miami and over to the southern Exumas and finally to the Gulf Coast of Florida.  At the end of February, it was time to leave the boat and head west to Salt Lake City.  We arrived February 28, and purchased our spring season pass at Snowbird the next day, just in time for what our friends told us was the best powder day of the season with over 60” of fresh, dry, deep, fluffy Wasatch snow.  It reminded me how much I love Utah.

Unfortunately, that storm passed quickly and the ski season would only last a couple more months due to the abysmal snow totals for the year.  I quickly transitioned my toys from skis and snowboards to my wingsuit, skydiving rig, paraglider, B.A.S.E. rig, running shoes, hiking boots and started to prepare for my new adventure of kite boarding.   I have started moving into kite boarding which involves learning to fly a traction kite and then eventually moving on to the water.  Fortunately, Salt Lake City provides the venues from beginning to end and I can practice throughout the summer.  

With the warm weather, we decided some of the other toys also needed to be aired out.  We drove up to Skydive Ogden and I got in a couple wing suit skydives.  It's great to have the toys at hand and I'm ready for the summer!


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