Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making Her Ours

When we bought the boat, we inherited parts and pieces from each of the three previous owners.  Taking those giblets and putting them back together again is what makes her ours.

Step 1.  Sails.  Find a sail guy to sew a small tear in the sacrificial on the 105% jib and evaluate the other 6 sails we have.  After talking to him, we netted a total of 5 sails and threw the other 2 away.

Step 2.  Canvas.  The dodger and bimini (the canvas that covers over the cockpit) had broken zippers and significant rot in some spots.  Find some way to repair/replace what we have.  Not having a bimini and dodger in nasty weather makes it a different boat.

Step 3.  Wind Generator.  One of the pieces that came with the boat but wasn't installed was a 9-foot, 50 lb, wind generator.  We didn't know if it even worked but yesterday we decided was the day to figure that out.  Baxter and I maneuvered it around to the stern from the dock and I held one end while he held the blades and we fanagled it in place.  As soon as it was upright, the blades started turning and the wires were live.  We now have the ability to not only use the wind as transportation but also to create energy.

Step 4.  Deck Repair.  There was a hole in the deck right outside the companion way where someone dropped a winch handle or hammer and never repaired the hole.  With at least 2 years of corrosion, a penny-sized ding had rotted under the gel coat to about 4" in diameter.  Using West epoxy system we were able to fill the hole and color match to the current non-slip deck paint.

There will be many more ways to show our appreciation as the days and years go by, but in 2 days we found plenty of ways to take what we have been given and make her ours.

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