Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out West

Twelve hours after leaving New Bern we arrived in Salt Lake City for a week.  The amount of space offered in an average-sized house is amazing.  We have lived on the boat for almost 2 months so there were small adjustments to our routine that we hadn't realized.  For example - coffee, in an automatic coffee maker - such a simple pleasure.  Waking up and realizing the bow of the bed wasn't floating was actually a little strange.  And of course, we missed the pitter patter of Kala's big paws.  She is back in New Bern playing all day, every day with her new friends at Jill's Pet Gallery (feel free to check her out on their web cams).

It didn't take us long to get back in the hang of things.  After getting up early (still on EDT), and getting some work done we were ready to hit the slopes.  We made it to Snowbird when the lifts opened and enjoyed the contrast that having the boat and the house in SLC offer.  Snowbird received almost another foot of snow Monday night, so we are headed back today after they finish the avalanche control work on the road.

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