Sunday, November 13, 2011

Along The Way

It has been almost two weeks since we left New Bern and every day has brought beautiful anchorages, new people, and wonderful experiences along the way.  As we sailed down through North and South Carolina, we have anchored in time for some of the most beautiful sunsets, only to pull up the hook the next morning to an amazing sunrise. Baxter couldn’t ask for a better “office window” than the one he has set up on the boat.

Empty slip E-11 at Northwest Creek.

Kala keeps watch on the bow as we move through the first morning after leaving the slip.  You can almost see the outline of "Margareta" just to the right of the headsail.

Sunrise in Adams Creek.

Of course...

Wrightsville Beach Park...Kala is loving the big field!

Sunset in Calabash Creek, NC.

Beautiful morning.

Boat Banana Bread is so tasty! (Yes, all made while under weigh)

This was in the marina - really!?!  

Sunrise in Georgetown, SC.

Boat Dog.

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  1. Hey guys! We have found 2 ticks on chessie since Cumberland and two on Teds clothes. We had just frontlined her, so the one we found today was dead, but we just wanted to let you know to keep a look out.

    Hope to see you soon! We picked up a mooring in St Augustine which was a really cool place. We are headeout out 25 miles south of there today. keep in touch!