Friday, November 18, 2011


We have meandered our way offshore and along the ICW to finally arrive in Florida - Kala's 29th state!

We anchored in the Bell's River near Fernandina Beach and dinghied into town to take a look.  It was a cute downtown with lots of history.  We picked up some essentials - chocolate and beer -  and made it back to the boat before sunset.  As we looked at the forecast, we could see the nasty yellow and red bands on the radar covering the southeast and they were headed our way. We hunkered down until about midnight when we got dressed and stood watch until the skies cleared (about 6 am).  We figured that in order to be able to enjoy the good times, you have to get through the tough times.

Baxter dinghy-ing into Fernandina Harbor
Kala in downtown Fernandina.
Wonder if anyone would notice if we used this anchor tonight in the storms.
Fernandina City Harbor

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