Saturday, March 26, 2011

Close Reaching

We left Adams Creek at 8:15 am worried about Kala's inability to potty and the bad weather forecasted for the afternoon.  As soon as we got out on the Neuse, we put up the sails and decided to give it a go.  The day before, as we motored up, we could only get 4.5 knots boat speed over water.  Today, we averaged 5.5 knots on a close reach and maxed out at 6.7 knots with the sails trimmed and Stella really showed us what she was up for.  We made it back to NW Creek almost 3 hours faster than the day before.

Kala had never been happier to see the end of the dock.  She leapt from the boat like a flying fish and b-lined it straight for the grass.  She came back tail-a-wagging.  We soon proceeded to PetsMart for some Nature's Miracle "Go Here" spray pheromones to see if we can get the potty patch working.  At some point, grass will not be an option, but don't tell her that yet.

Later, Baxter was head down in the heat pump for the reverse cycle A/C as we expect rain tonight and highs in the 40s tomorrow and Monday.

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