Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Good To Be Bad

We left Northwest Creek Marina about noon headed out for our first experience on the ICW from the Neuse River. After fueling, we raised the sails with no planned itenerary other than anchoring somewhere along the way. We were close hauling and tacked our way down the river for about 4 hours. Once our boat speed slowed to about 1.5 knots, we took Kenny Rogers advice when he said "you gotta know when to fold 'em" and we started motoring.

The entrance to Adams Creek (ICW from the Neuse) is somewhat tricky so with a combination of the charts, the chart plotter and our binoculars we worked our way to a nice protected spot on Cedar Creek. We were greeted by dolphins, ospreys, and what sounded like sea lions barking.

Now it was time for a beer and a little dinner. Just have to take Kala to potty on the potty patch first... yeah, not so much. When we turned off the engine, she jumped up ready to go...Great!! Ran to the foredeck, stopped, looked back and inquisitively wondered where the dock went. She's used to jumping onto the dock, running to the marina and putting her paws on fresh grass. Something is very wrong with this picture. And so it went all night...poor girl. She knows the boat is her house and can't manage to go potty on it. In other words, she's too good to be bad.

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