Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Baxter and I prefer to focus on the positive.  With a small living space and nothing but rain, wind and cold beyond the companionway, we have setup a countdown for sun in the forecast.  Every day the weather is a little bit better and moving in the right direction.  Today's low was yesterday's high, and the wind today (and thus the tide on the Neuse) is light.

Staying in one place also helps bring things in focus that may not otherwise be.  And so it is, Baxter has found a very very very small oil leak under the engine, we are talking a few drops, BUT that could also be the beginning of a very very very big issue.  So we will look into that before pushing off too far, just to be on the safe side.  Thank you weather hold for helping us find that.

I have been using the galley more and love cooking on the boat!  A person is limited by space and equipment and so you have to make do with what you have, which is all you really need.  I have, though, already thought of ways to redesign the galley in my head.  Not that I have plans to remodel my kitchen or anything, but just saying.

Anyone who is not environmentally conscious should live on a boat for 2 weeks to understand how much water and food is wasted.  Filling the tanks with water every time you run out and not being able to find a place for wasted food (no garbage disposal and you just put a new trash bag in so you can't throw the food in there and have it sit there for days) really promotes conservation, just to eliminate the extra work required.

Kala is looking forward to a little sunshine as well.  Before the cold and rain set in, she was swimming every day, sometimes twice a day.  She is ready to get her paws wet again and chase the ducks around the docks.

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