Thursday, May 5, 2011


We returned to North Carolina Monday afternoon, picked up Kala and made way to the boat to see how she weathered the storms.  We had a few maintenance issues and provisioning to take care of and then we plotted our route up to Virginia from New Bern.

As we left the dock Thursday at 11 a.m. there was a loud squeak from the rudder that made us look at each other and think maybe the fuel dock at the marina was as far as we were going to get.  We loaded up with diesel and decided that we would go out on the Neuse and see what happened.  Worse case, it would have to be hauled out anyway so we would at least get to Oriental (4 hours) if she would let us.  As soon as we got on the river, the noise was gone.  I told Baxter that maybe she was just whining that we left her tied up too long and it was her way of telling us she wanted to get back on the water. 

The winds were shifty and gusty and we ended up motor sailing for the afternoon.  Not having gone up the ICW North, we looked for an anchorage that was reachable before dark at moderate motoring speed and well protected from southwest winds.  We anchored in Broad Creek north of Oriental and were joined about 7:45 by our friends Steve and Stevie, neighbors from Northwest Creek Marina.

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