Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chesapeake Bay

When we left New Bern last Thursday, we didn't know where we would end up or when.  We have to be in Salt Lake by a certain date but other than that, things are flexible.  After crossing the Virginia border and going through the craziness of the Norfolk Harbor, we just pointed the bow north and looked for a place to stop, away from the industrial feeling of Norfolk.  We thought about going to Yorktown where Cornwallis and the British army surrendered to George Washington ending the Revolutionary War, but it was a bit of a stretch.  We anchored in the Poquson River, arriving about 10:45 p.m.

At 7 a.m. we were off again heading for Deltaville, Va.  For those who have not traveled on a sail boat, it is not as simple as saying "Today, I would like to go here.  It is x miles and will take me x amount of time."  So many factors effect time and distance, such as wind speed, wind direction, obstructions in the water, depth of the water, current (and tide).  We expected to be in Deltaville by 1 p.m. since it was only about 25 miles from the Poquoson.  With the wind on our nose and the shallow depths along the edge of the bay, we tacked, we motored, and we reefed until we pulled up at the fuel dock at Deltaville Marina about 3:15.   The marina is fantastic!  They have bicycles for cruisers to use to get around town, maps of the town stores and restaurants, complimentary vehicles, laundry, showers, a pool, big fields of grass for Kala - what more could you ask for?  We anchored in front of the marina and then walked over to Cocomo's for dinner.  We found the perfect table on the patio where Kala could sit right next to us and then the restaurant even gave us a ride back to the marina after dinner.  I could see how some boaters might plan to spend a day or two in a place and find themselves still there a month later.

We have heard rumors about an Oyster Festival somewhere in Virginia that we may try to find this weekend before heading back to New Bern....or not.  Taking it as it comes is what the adventure is all about.

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