Monday, May 9, 2011

Locked and loaded

Sunday morning was rainy and dark but we pulled up the hook and found the free docks in Elizabeth City.  The docks were tight but there were plenty of others who had been through it standing by onshore to help us tie up.  We called our mothers to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day and then we found our way through the city to a tasty breakfast at Andy’s and an Autozone for some Rotela 30W oil.  Since the locks in Dismal Swamp only open at certain times, we decided to leave Elizabeth City to get to South Mills and anchor right in front of it, being ready for the opening at 8:30 a.m. 

Going through the lock was a new experience and very cool  They basically tie your boat up to the side wall and then they raise the water 8 feet, and you pull through the other side and carry on.  In the lock, they had mileage posted for cities North and South.  After seeing that D.C. was 230 miles from where we were and we only had 10 days before needing to be back in New Bern, we decided to consider other ports on the Chesapeake as options and maybe coming back another day to D.C.

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