Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bahamas Birthday

Sunday was Baxter's birthday and mother nature decided to present him with a nice windy cold front - ugh. It's funny how our perspectives had changed. When we took the dogs to shore we were all in foul weather gear with our warmest Patagonia capilene underneath since we were freezing. When we found out it was actually still 70 degrees we were a bit stunned but just blamed it on the chilly wind.

Needless to say, we stayed on the boat most of the day but everyone needs cake on their birthday, even those who live on a boat. My only issue was a cake pan, but Maggie saved the day - yetI needed something just a bit bigger so I used her pan in combo with my brownie pan. Now I had a rectangle and square that didn't match. I cut and pasted (I.e frosted) as best I could and the cake turned out looking like a melting lava lump...or as Baxter so sweetly put it - a lobster habitat (in honor of our fortunate finds in Pipe Creek.) Sundays Child and Arcturus all came over after dinner and we had fun dissecting the cake and celebrating.

Exumas Birthday!

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