Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Southern Exumas

We left Staniel Cay making our way towards Georgetown. With 20+ knot winds, we close hauled it and decided that instead of beating ourselves down the banks, we'd anchor near Black Point settlement on Great Guana Cay. Lorraine's is the popular spot there with a cafe, wifi, and the best part- her mom who bakes coconut bread. When I asked her what her name is, she said people just call me Lorraine's Mom. That loaf was gone within a couple hours and we were back for more the next day. a couple days later, we raised the sails again and were off to Cave Cay to stage for the next days trip to Georgetown. Getting to Georgetown was a beat and we tacked back and forth trying to edge out what we could (sailboats can't sail straight into wind). The added bonus happened when the fishing line went ziiiinnnggg and Baxter reeled in the perfect-sized blackfin tuna. I was just wondering what I was going to make for lunch and then...problem solved with ceviche (with enough leftover for dinner). After being in Georgetown for less than two hours, we met up wih Mike & Sara on Tanqueray and Ted Maggie and Chessie on Sundays child. The next day we caught up with Sandcastle and our friends on Island Girl who we thought would be long gone! It has been so great to meet everyone and continue to see them as we island hop through so many beautiful places. Georgetown has been great. We anchored off Monument Beach and hiked through the hills to the Exuma Sound. Going across the harbor is not as fun since the wind is gusty and it's about a mile dinghy ride with 3 foot waves crashing down. We are going to take advantage in a break in the wind for tomorrow and start heading north. There is an annual festival in Little Farmers Cay called the Five F's (First Friday in February Farmers Festival) that we are super excited to see. They are having races with traditional Bahamian boats where islands compete against each other! We are looking forward to partaking in true Bahamian fun. As a note, our computer has decided that it couldn't go any further south and died on us in Black Point. Thank goodness for iPhones and iPads but you'll have to excuse the minimal pics and any typos.
Sunset at Black Point
Lorraine's - the most popular spot on Black Point.
Black fin tuna - tasty!
Lake Victoria, Georgetown
Lorraine's Mom and her fantastic bread!
Happy Dog
Overlooking Exuma Sound
Monument Beach Anchorage
Checking on Stella Blue
Hiking along the beach
Amazing starfish
Blackfin tuna ceviche

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  1. Just found your blog. We are having a blast reading along, although we would rather be there in person. The water color looks fabulous, especially since it's grey and cold back here in the states.
    Thanks. We will stay tuned.

    Sabrina and Tom
    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC - East Coast