Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pipe Creek

There are three beaches off Big Majors - Pig Beach (see previous post and pics), Umbrella Beach (that's just what I call it), and Dog beach (again my own nomenclature.) We took Kala and Chessie to Dog Beach one last time before leaving and they were running and playing while Ted, Maggie, Verne , Baxter and I just talked and laughed. Maggie and I kept seeing white flashes out of the corner of our eyes but chalked it up to birds. All of a sudden Maggie's yells "PIG" and we all hit the dinghies running with dogs first. These are wild pigs with big teeth that swim. I know one dog who had already been bit a couple weeks before and I didn't want that to happen to Chessie and Kala. We went back to the boat and made way for Pipe Creek.

The Bahamas are generally pretty shallow - some places more than others. Our boat's keel is only 4'2" so we can go places some would not be able to get in. We had heard about how great Pipe Creek was and with Ted and Baxter on the hunt we thought our chances of finding lobster might be better somewhere less traveled. It worked!! At an undisclosed location (in case we want to go back), the five of us along with Dan and Bill on Arcturus speared eight of the biggest lobsters I have ever seen. We had a lobster cleaning party on the beach and then met on Stella Blue for dinner. We ate lobster for days in every way possible. It was lobster tail, lobster salad, lobster pasta and much much more!

Maggie and the girls
Sea plane landing in Pipe Creek
On the hunt...

Anchoring the dinghy

The find

Kala sharing her bed with Chessie


She's a sucker for sunrises

More than enough for all of us

You have to clean 'em if you want to eat 'em

Maggie is good at this!

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