Saturday, February 4, 2012

Five Fs

We left Georgetown Thursday and had a perfect! sail to Little Farmers Cay. The wind was 15k from the east giving us a beautiful beam reach moving along at over 6 kts. with nothing but blue sky - it was really nice.

The anchorage was great and we saw lots of friends - even Kala had friends waiting for her. She immediately started crying when she saw Chessie from Sundays Child.

On Friday, some of the regatta boats were looking for crew so Baxter, Ted, Maggie and Dan helped Dave (from Nassau - just here for the race) out in both the ocean race and the "short" race which was actually a bit longer. I gave chase in the dinghy with Bill on Arcterus...and we did our best at taking photos when the water wasnt coming over the bow. These pics are the few I was able to get since I was driving the dinghy but we'll have more on the way.

Who would have ever thought we would be here? We're loving every minute of it.
Crystal clear water
Regatta prep in the anchorage
Downtown Little Farmers Cay
The crew with Capt Dave
The mailboat as it goes right through the middle of the anchorage

The motley crue

The Ocean Race

Being led by the Committee Boat

Out on the prie

Comparing stories between races

The second race where Capt Dave wasn't the best at tacking

Baxter and Dan on the prie

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