Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let the spear fishing begin

After leaving Little Farmers, we headed to Black Point for a day so we could do laundry, get water, and check emails. It would probably be the last time until Nassau or even Marathon. We spent the day filling jerry jugs with water (you take a jug to a community spigot that has water produced through reverse osmosis - i.e. salt removal - and then you lug that back to your boat to fill the tanks.) Back at the boat, Baxter was filling the tanks when Gabe on S/V Rodeo came by and asked Baxter if he'd like to go spear fishing. Well of course!! Baxter, Gabe, Monika and I set out in the dinghies and they were able to spear 8 lion fish on a brain coral in about 7 feet of water. It wasn't until Monika noticed the huge sharks lurking that we decided to move on. Yes, I was the first one back to the dinghies and I am not ashamed to admit it.

As we were heading back to the boat, Lauren and Van on Gratitude pulled into the anchorage and we invited them over for drinks. They were headed south and we were going north so it would probably be the last times our paths would cross.

The next day we were pulling up the anchor to move up to Staniel Cay so we could pick up Verne the next day when Ted on Sundays Child pulls up next to us and said he & Maggie and Chessie are going to be in Black Point doing laundry and chores throughout the day. Baxter told Ted about the lionfish from the previous day and we put the anchor back down, decided to stay and they were off to find lionfish, lobster, or something else to spear. Meanwhile, Maggie and I took Chessie and Kala to the mile long beach that shows up at low tide and the girls were in heaven. They ran, played, swam and wore themselves out! It was perfect.

That night Ted and Maggie came over to the boat and we broke out the all time classic movie Captain Ron and we talked about future plans to sail to Saint Potato (if you haven't seen the movie - there is your motivation to watch it.)
Exuma Sound and its rocky coast
Trilobytes in the cliffs
Best Friends
The long beach at low tide
Lion fish on the end of Baxter's spear

Another lion fish

The lion fish hiding place

Someone came to see what the fuss was about

Follow your nose

The daily rub down to get the sand off

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