Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exploring Normans

After the wind calmed a bit, we all decided to explore Normans Cay in the dinghies. Chessie and Kala made the most of every minute - chasing each other, shredding coconuts, digging for China, running, kangaroo hopping and swimming next to the dinghies. When the dogs were in the dinghies, Chessie in one dinghy and Kala in the other, Kala was showing off. She would stand on the edge of the dinghy bow and try to get Chessies attention. There were a couple times we had to hold her back from just jumping in and swimming to the other boat.

After returning from the dinghy trip, Ted and Maggie suggested we move to another anchorage. The current and wind were again battling it out causing weird unpredictable swinging and they were getting pushed into the exposed plane wreck. We moved over to the west side of the island and were able to anchor pretty close to the beach. There is a shack on the island that is a bar...but the guy who runs it may or may not be open depending on his mood, how much you'll spend and how many people will be showing up. Since this was our last hoorah in the Exumas, Baxter, Ted, Maggie and I thought we would give it a shot. Of course, they were closed. We went back to Stella Blue and opened the boat bar and celebrated with one of the most amazing sunsets ever!!

As a side note, when we decided to move anchorages, we radioed Dan and Bill on Arcturus but they had fallen asleep with the VHF off. As we were creating new drinks on the wet side of the island, we thought of all the anonymous VHF calls we could make on Arcturus' behalf. Of course, being the serious sailors we are, we held off and continued to finish off the rum we had left. When Arcturus finally returned our calls, we made no mention of our devious plans but talked about pulling up the hook the next morning and heading to Nassau where Verne would catch a ferry to Ft Lauderdale.

Exploring Norman's

Endless beaches

Kala was here

Kala chasing Chessie (Yes, we were moving while she did this)

Maggie, Bill, Dan, Ted

Caves full of conch shells

Dinghy Driver

Happiness Self Portrait

Life doesn't get much better

One big playground

Amazing day

Goodbye Exumas!  We'll Be Back.

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